Partnerschaft Velux Novelis
Foto: Novelis
Seal their cooperation with a handshake: Nikolaj Cederquist (r.), Vice President, Global Procurement der Velux Gruppe und Stephen Boney, Vice President, Specialty Products, Novelis Europe.


Novelis and Velux reduce CO2 footprint together

Together with Novelis, the Velux Group is taking the next step towards decarbonising aluminium in roof windows.

In a new partnership agreement with Novelis, the Velux Group continues to work towards the goal of decreasing value chain emissions.

The Velux Group has entered into a partnership agreement with Novelis, the world’s largest aluminium recycler, for Novelis to provide high-recycled-content, flat-rolled aluminium for use in Velux roof windows. This partnership will contribute to the Velux goal to halve emissions from the value chain by 2030.

The multi-year partnership agreement between Novelis and Velux aims to reach below 4.0 kg carbon emitted per kilogram of supplied rolled aluminium by the end of 2024, which is well below half the average carbon footprint of primary aluminium used in Europe. The partners are aiming for further carbon reductions by 2030. The aluminium will have a recycled content of around 70%, which represents an increase of around 30% from what Novelis currently supplies to Velux. Recycling aluminium requires only 5% of the energy and results in up to 95% fewer carbon emissions than manufacturing primary aluminium.

Partnership for the reduction of Scope 3 emissions

“The Novelis agreement marks our second strategic aluminium partnership this year as we accelerate actions to decarbonise our products and value chain,” says Nikolaj Cederquist, Vice President, Global Procurement, Velux Group. “Our scope 3 carbon emissions are our largest and they are also the hardest for us to reduce, which is why partnerships will help us go far and faster.”

With more than 94% of the Velux Group’s carbon footprint stemming from materials used in its products, value chain collaboration is critical for halving its scope 3 and product emissions by 2030. These targets are in addition to the Group’s 100% reduction target for scope 1 and 2 emissions, also by 2030.

Customers are supported in achieving their sustainability goals 

“We are excited that we can help Velux achieve its ambitious carbon emission reduction goals by supplying low-carbon, sustainable aluminium solutions,” says Stephen Boney, Vice President, Specialty Products, Novelis Europe. “As a leader in aluminium sustainability, Novelis recognises that material innovation and collaboration across the value chain will enable decarbonisation, support a circular economy and help us achieve our carbon neutrality goal.” 

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