Sohar Aluminium and GE sign power service contract

Sohar Aluminium has signed a services contract for GE Gas Power to provide repairs, maintenance and parts.

Sohar Aluminium has signed a services contract for GE Gas Power to provide repairs, maintenance and parts.

The contract runs for ten years for four GT13E2 gas turbines and four generators installed at Sohar Aluminium’s site in the Sultanate of Oman. GE Digital will also provide its Asset Performance Management (APM) software for the term of the contract. The four units have a generation capacity of up to 696 MW and the electricity produced is used to power Sohar Aluminium’s smelter. The solutions provided by GE are expected to enhance the reliability of the units, increase the availability of each gas turbine, decrease costs and reduce operational risks, ultimately improving productivity at the smelter.

Stable electricity supply is a key input for smelter operations

Said Al Masoudi, CEO of Sohar Aluminum, said: “Stable electricity supply is a key input for our manufacturing processes and essential for continuous operations at Sohar Aluminium. The GT13E2 units at our site have provided critical power output since they were first installed in 2009, supporting our growth and enabling us to keep meeting customer commitments. Now, we are delighted to continue our collaboration with GE to maintain the sustained, reliable performance of these essential assets to support our business in the decade ahead.”

Power plant with highest levels of efficiency

Sohar Aluminium’s 1,000 MW power plant excels by achieving highest levels of efficiency ensuring low emissions, operating costs and environmental impact meeting the stringent requirements set out by the local authorities. The plant also includes a seawater pumping station for delivering cooling water as well as a desalination station to supply water to the smelter and other facilities.

GE has made strong contributions to strengthening Oman’s energy infrastructure over the decades. This includes the delivery of the country’s first gas turbine at Al Ghubra, nine high efficiency F-class gas turbines, various power generation solutions to support Oman’s oil and gas exploration and production sectors, and more.