International ALUMINIUM Journal

Topics in issue 10/2019

Date of publication: 4 October 2019

Advert deadline: 19 September 2019

Special: Furnace technology

The October Special will report on companies of industrial furnace construction with main focus on melting / casting furnaces and heat treatment – thermal processes for all kinds of aluminium products.


Gautschi Engineering: “Technologically at eye level with the best market players”

photo: Gautschi

Gautschi Engineering GmbH, located in Switzerland, has established itself as a comprehensive supplier of aluminium foundries with a product range that extends from melting and holding furnaces to casting machines and heat treatment plants. ALUMINIUM talked with Robert Schmidt, managing director Operations & Sales at Gautschi Engineering, about the product range, technological developments and new products in the company – and about the cooperation with the sister companies within the Ebner Group.



On the way to Industry 4.0 – Digitalization in industrial furnace manufacturing

The way to Industry 4.0 is an evolutionary process which offers great potential for improving and stabilizing production processes and for increasing energy and resource efficiency by way of digitalization and networking. As a supplier to foundries and semis producers, Otto Junker GmbH is determined to meet this challenge as demonstrated herein on the example of its process models (Digital Twins).



Heat treatment with great temperature precision and process reproducibility

Hofmann Wärmetechnik from Linz in Upper Austria is a manufacturer of heat treatment equipment for the aviation and automobile industries. The company delivers turnkey special plants all over the world, which are specially adapted for the customer concerned, the heat treatment process and the local circumstances. The units are designed, programmed, made and assembled in-house. Particular attention is paid to the following points:

  • Great temperature precision in the furnace and during the cooling phase
  • Process reproducibility, regardless of the charging position in the heat treatment rack
  • Short transfer times from the furnace to the air blast or quenching tank
  • Archiving of batch data, tracking and evaluation or documentation
  • Long service life and short servicing, maintenance and repair times
  • Low energy demand and consequently low operating costs.



Honeywell introduces next-generation control solution for industrial multi-burner applications

photo: Honeywell

Honeywell has introduced the next-generation Kromschröder BCU 4 Series, an all-in-one control solution for multi-burner applications. Replacing an earlier product line, the new BCU 4 Series models incorporate a range of refinements and new features designed for simplified engineering, installation and start-up. They also provide various options to increase utility and effectiveness of the control solution – including a space-efficient design that allows the unit to be mounted close to a burner versus in a separate cabinet, enabling better system integration.



Further contributions to furnace technology

Tenova LOI: Heat treatment plant for automotive parts with changing product requirements

Ebner: SMART quench – maximum quenching flexibility in floater furnaces



Further topics:

Arabal Conference 2019

From 19 to 21 November the Arabal Conference 2019 will take place in Bahrain. The organiser is Aluminium Bahrain (Alba), which has advanced to become the world's largest aluminium smelter with the expansion of its Potline 6.






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