International ALUMINIUM Journal

Topics in issue 4/2020

Date of publication: 6 April 2020

Advert deadline: 23 März 2020

Special: The international aluminium extrusion industry

The ET’20 Extrusion Technology Seminar will be taking place in Orlando, USA, from 19 to 21 May. The programme of events includes numerous technical sessions and presentations on the extrusion process and the necessary equipment. In the April issue, and thus in the run-up to ET’20, we will report on companies and equipment suppliers of the international aluminium extrusion industry, with emphasis on plant technology and new projects.



LaserHybrid welding excels in the extrusion of aluminium profiles

photo: Fronius

When it comes to welding aluminium profiles, automotive supplier Alu Menziken relies on the LaserHybrid welding process. It offers key advantages compared to the widely used friction stir welding process: it is low-wear, material overhangs are not an issue and the process can be used to weld both butt and fillet welds. For this reason, Alu Menziken invested in a LaserHybrid welding system for the production of battery tray components, and gained clear processing advantages from welding and robot technology by Fronius Welding Automation and Fanuc.



High-strength extruded aluminium profiles for battery boxes of electric vehicles

High-strength aluminium profiles for battery housings of electric vehicles are light, crash-resistant and offer advantages in thermal management to precisely control the operating temperatures of the battery. In a joint project including Constellium, Brunel University, Innoval Technology and Gordon Murray Design, aluminium extrusions are being developed for prototype vehicle integration systems and battery housings intended for a new generation of lightweight hybrid and electric vehicles for the UK and international markets.



Danieli Breda supplies 60-MN extrusion press to Hydro Phoenix plant

photo: Danieli Breda

Hydro Extrusion North America has awarded Danieli Breda the contract for a 60-MN front-loading direct extrusion press for the Phoenix, Arizona facility. After delivery, the plant will be the largest aluminium extrusion press on the US West Coast. It will be equipped with Danieli Breda’s latest technological advances, including the ESED 4.0 patented energy-saving system, which enables an average energy savings of 25-30%.



IOT and the unsung heroes of the shop floor

Internet of Things, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning are key buzzwords used to describe future trends in industrial production – and are thus also becoming increasingly relevant in the extrusion industry. As a supplier of complete extrusion lines, SMS group is already today capable of transforming the data obtained in the production process into useful information that optimizes the process, and to technologically accompany the development into the digital working environment.



Hueck presents innovative facade

photo: Hueck

Slim, strong and can be combined in many ways. The introduction of the new, innovative aluminium façade system Hueck Trigon FS not only convinces with its particularly narrow visible widths and simple load-bearing capacity extension, but also with its flexibility and versatility. Construction and processing were coordinated with each other in such a way that the production as mullion-transom and transom-transom construction with a uniform tool pool is possible.








Further topics

60 years of light-metal casting at the VW plant in Kassel

At the Volkswagen Kassel plant transmissions and auto body components have been produced for many of the group’s brands for 60 years. More than 70 pressure diecasting machines with a closing force of between 1,350 and 4,200 tonnes produce around 70,000 tonnes of pressure diecastings every year, mainly made from aluminium. The main products are housings for transmissions, clutches and cylinder crankcases, as well as structural components, and lately components for the electric-driven model ID.3. These e-components will gain in importance in the coming years and changing the product range at the Kassel plant. Another challenge is posed by the trend towards digitization / Industry 4.0, which will change everyday working life in the foundry and confront the group with the task of re-inventing itself to some extent.


Production of complex-shaped car body components with high demands on geometry and lightweight construction

photo: AP&T

With AP&T’s production technology for hot forming of aluminium, body components which traditionally consist of several joined parts can be formed in a single step. This technology enables net shape forming and thus also reduced production time and costs for car manufacturers. To demonstrate the possibilities, AP&T conducted a development project in order to design and manufacture a new tool for complex hot forming.







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