Novelis body sheet makes Nissan Qashqai more sustainable

Novelis will supply Nissan with sustainable, lightweight aluminium body sheet for the new Qashqai SUV.

Novelis will supply Nissan with sustainable, lightweight aluminium body sheet for the new Qashqai SUV.

The Qashqai, a best-selling SUV in the C-segment, will use Novelis aluminium body sheet in the hood and doors to reduce weight and increase fuel efficiency, thus contributing to more sustainable mobility.

By using aluminium, the Qashqai has achieved 21 kg of the total 60 kg of body-in-white weight savings compared to the previous model. This demonstrates the growing trend by many major automakers to increase aluminium adoption in smaller vehicle segments and high volume production models.

Foto: keine_Quelle

“We are delighted to provide Nissan with sustainable aluminium body sheet solutions as they continue to design lighter, more fuel-efficient vehicles with reduced life-cycle emissions,” says Michael Hahne, VP Automotive at Novelis Europe. “Novelis is uniquely positioned to meet the increasing demand for automotive aluminium given its unmatched global footprint and ability to develop innovative, sustainable solutions. We look forward to working with Nissan as they continue to adopt more aluminium and increase their recycling capabilities.”

Closed-loop recycling system for body sheet supports sustainability

Novelis and Nissan are also committed to achieving a more sustainable manufacturing process by establishing a closed-loop recycling system. Working together, Novelis will deliver aluminium material from its plant in Nachterstedt, Germany, to Nissan’s car plant in Sunderland UK, where it will then collect the manufacturing scrap and return it to Novelis recycling centres in Europe to be cast and rolled again for production by Nissan. This process creates a circular supply chain that helps both companies achieve their sustainability goals.

Novelis’ ambition is to be the world’s leading provider of low-carbon, sustainable aluminium solutions that advance its business, the industry and the society toward the benefits of a circular economy. Global automotive customers turn to Novelis to help them develop circular economy solutions, like lightweighting and closed-loop recycling that help them sustainably achieve their design and manufacturing goals.