Inalco Conference in 2023
Foto: Inalco
The Inalco 2023Conference brings together academics and industry experts


Inalco Conference 2023: Green Aluminium for Transportation

Green Aluminium for Transportation and Infrastructure – this is the motto of the 15th International Aluminium Conference (Inalco) next year.

The Conference will be held in Québec City, Canada, from 11 to 13 October 2023. The organizing committee is inviting the submission of abstracts, papers and presentations. Abstracts and papers must be written in English and submission due for abstracts is 12 February 2023. The 15th Conference is organized by the Aluminium Cluster AluQuébec and the Aluminium Research Centre Regal. General information

Get-together of academics and industry experts

This Inalco 2023 Conference brings together academics, R&D professionals, sales and marketing executives, plant and industrial engineers and aluminium industry leaders. The conference programme will consist of keynote lectures by invited speakers as well as of oral presentations of papers submitted by attendees. 

Main topic – ‘green’ transportation 

The Inalco series aims at presenting relevant topics for various applications in ground, air and maritime transportation, with an emphasis on green aluminium, such as: alloys, welding and joining, surface treatment and corrosion, environmental impact and life cycle analysis, etc. The topics of interest include but are not limited to: design and metal forming, alloys, surface treatment and corrosion, welding and joining, environmental impact.