Asas relies on extrusion expertise from SMS group

Asas Alüminyum has placed an order with SMS group for the supply of one of the world’s largest extrusion lines and an energy-efficient Hybrex line.

Asas Alüminyum has placed an order with SMS group for the supply of one of the world’s largest extrusion lines and an energy-efficient Hybrex line.

Asas, one of Turkey’s largest manufacturers of finished and semi-finished aluminium products, is investing in extrusion technology from SMS group to produce profile sizes that currently cannot be produced anywhere in Europe. The company has been relying on SMS group’s expertise for many years and has ordered two new aluminium extrusion lines. The plants to be supplied comprise a 150-MN extrusion and tube line, as well as a 45-MN Hybrex line.

Order for a 150-MN extrusion press

The 150-MN extrusion press will be Europe’s largest extrusion line and will open up new opportunities for the Turkish company on the international market for extra-large extrusion profiles. Such profiles are used, for example, in the railway industry for the construction of railway cars. As a technology partner, SMS has the necessary expertise for supplying plants with such exceptional dimensions and has successfully demonstrated its competence in past projects on several occasions.

Asas attaches great importance to the excellent quality of its products as well as to efficient and trouble-free plant operation, which calls for outstanding technology. This has been demonstrated every day for several years now by the four extrusion lines from SMS, a single-stand aluminium cold rolling mill and a colour coating line being operated at Asas.

Furnaces and handling equipment from IAS and Omav

As a systems supplier, SMS will deliver the two extrusion lines all from a single source. The 150-MN line is equipped with most modern plant components to produce finish-sawn profiles up to 30 m in length. The package includes induction furnaces from IAS, a subsidiary of SMS group, a 150-MN tube and extrusion press built according to the latest SMS design, and a quench and complete handling equipment by Omav, also an SMS group subsidiary. From 18-or 24-inch aluminium billets, impressive profile sizes with a maximum width of 900 mm and a maximum height of 450 mm can be produced. Furthermore, tubes with various wall thicknesses can be produced.

Order for a 45-MN Hybrex extrusion line

With the 45-MN Hybrex extrusion line, Asas is expanding its production capacity for the rapidly growing automotive market in addition to the Hybrex line ordered in 2021. The new line will be equipped with a gas-fired billet furnace and an induction furnace, a 45-MN Hybrex extrusion press with an energy-efficient hybrid drive system, and a latest quench and run-out system with profile stretcher und precise in line profile cutting.

Energy savings of 30-50 %

Compared to conventional extrusion presses, the hybrid drive technology allows energy savings of 30 to 50 %. Furthermore, less non-productive time significantly boosts productivity. The line is capable of producing profiles with a maximum width of 400 mm and a height of up to 280 mm. The lightweight yet highly stable profiles are used in automotive components such as battery housings or bumpers.

The plants are scheduled to go into operation in 2025.