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17. Januar 2018 | Branche, Technologie

Rusal launches its first new generation RA-550 pots

UC Rusal has launched the pilot operation of eight new generation RA-550 pots at the Sayanogorsk Aluminium Smelter. The project to develop the technology and launch the RA-550 site at SAZ was implemented within three years. The key advantage of this new development is its high energy efficiency: RA-550 consumes 10-15% less electricity compared with pots of previous generations. Due to design and technological solutions, RA-550 became lighter, more compact and more environmentally efficient. The new technology applies a number of innovative engineering solutions that define a new standard of the industry: a) A fundamentally new busbar design with two-side current supply that ensures a symmetrical magnetic field and high MHD stability without using a compensating loop, b) ‘Modular busbar principle’ that lifts restrictions for creating higher capacity pots, c) The maximization of metal production per unit of area in the premises due to establishing a new pot width standard.