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05. Oktober 2017 | Branche, Technologie

First batch of scalped slabs from new remelt facility successfully rolled at Garmco

The first cast was achieved at Garmco’s new remelt facility in Bahrain early in August. The aluminium slabs were produced in the presence of both Garmco’s operation team and executives, and Fives’ representatives. At the end of August, the first batch of scalped slabs came out from the new production line.

Scalping consists of mechanical removal of contamination from surface of a slab cast prior to hot rolling. Following scalping, the slabs have now been successfully rolled at the

existing hot rolling mill and cold rolled to finished gauge thickness. During the project execution, safety was at the heart of Fives’ priority. Thanks to a very strict HSE policy and the daily work of Fives’ teams on site, 1.5m working hours without any LTI (Lost Time Injuries) were reached.