29. Juni 2017 | Branche, Technologie, Anwendungen

Drive for lightweight construction shapes Aluminium China 2017

2017 marks a key year for China’s aluminium industry, with the 13th Five-Year Plan putting the emphasis on the development of lightweight vehicles and the implementation of policies to encourage the auto industry to deliver greater energy efficiency and low emissions. With lightweight construction becoming the new global norm, the aluminium industry is gearing up to seize new opportunities, and next month’s Aluminium China 2017 in Shanghai from 19-21 July will put the spotlight on lightweight trends that will drive new growth. The event will feature over 500 exhibitors from China and around the world and will attract some 20,000 trade visitors from more than 40 countries.

Reflecting this major transformation, this year’s Aluminium China will see the launch of the new Auto Wheel and Cast Piece Pavilion and the Lighter Auto-related Technology Development Forum. In addition to showcasing innovation in the areas of materials, processing and engineering applications, international visitors from leading design and manufacturing companies will share insights into new advanced technologies and production processes.

Aluminium China 2017 will also focus on cutting-edge research and development in other consumer markets. In particular, it will explore how the industry is meeting growing demand for aluminium in light but robust consumer electronics casing. This will include new casting, forging and full CNC processes to accelerate adoption and reduce costs. It is urgent that these challenges are addressed to satisfy the needs of the consumer aluminium industry, while the conference and exhibition will also focus on other future growth areas, such as transport and aerospace along with new welding technologies and other hot technical developments.

“Expanding into wider downstream segments and end-user markets represents a key shift in supply-side reform in the aluminium industry,” said Chris Zang, senior project manager at Reed Exhibitions China. “It is predicted that consumption is yet to peak and there is still room for major growth. Now that aluminium can offer performance as well as cost benefits, the material is enjoying increasing popularity and competitiveness.”

Looking at downstream applications and end-user scenarios, another new Aluminium China pavilion will feature aluminium packaging and the analysis of how transformation in metal packaging is benefiting aluminium and non-aluminium container manufacturers, coupled with an invitation to enter the Aluminium Packaging Annual Innovation contest. Meanwhile, an area dedicated to deep processing will to feature innovative deep processing solutions for transportation, packaging and consumer electronics.

Aluminium China 2017 will be held at Hall W1-W3, Shanghai New International Expo Centre from 19-21 July. “Building on the success of the past 12 events, Aluminium China 2017 continues to adapt to market and exhibitor needs by innovating contents and format and offering a range of additional activities and pavilions,” added Chris Zang. “Focusing on the five ideals of innovation, co-ordination, green, openness and sharing, the event is helping to drive supply side reform and promote the aluminium industry in China and around the world.”