26. Juni 2017 | Branche, Technologie

Gränges opens expanded R&I centre in Finspång

Rolled aluminium manufacturer Gränges has officially opened its newly expanded research and innovation centre in Finspång, Sweden. The R&I centre in Finspång has more than 40 years of successful research and innovation work in material used for brazed aluminium heat exchangers. It has been a key factor in developing the company to a global leader in this field, as well as giving Gränges a high technology recognition in the global aluminium community. As of today, Gränges’ research and development efforts have resulted in 52 patent families and 168 patents. One example of current research projects that Gränges offers commercially to its customers is ‘Trillium’, which is a technology that simplifies the brazing process and offers a more environmental friendly production process.

The R&I centre in Finspång has 30 highly capable specialists with a focus to develop the next generation material for brazed aluminium heat exchangers. The expansion includes new office and laboratory areas, new laboratory equipment as well as a new organizational solution where the research and innovation function is becoming a more central part of the Gränges group.

Gränges has research an innovation centres in Finspång, Sweden, and in Shanghai, China. The company plans to establish another centre in Tennessee, USA.