15. November 2017 | Industry, Technology, Uses

Novelis brings advanced aluminium alloy to automakers in North America

Novelis has announced that its Advanz 6HF-e/s200 aluminium alloy is now available in North America. This heat-treatable alloy, first introduced on the European market, provides automakers greater design flexibility due to its superior formability, strength performance and weight savings for outer and inner applications.

The high-formable 6xxx-series alloy enables new opportunities to use aluminium for body sides, door inners, decklid outers and inners, and other closure panels. The alloy can also be used in designs and applications that require bending without the risk of cracking. In addition, it creates a weight savings of nearly one-third over steel in inner door applications, benefiting vehicles that need to achieve weight reduction due to consumer’s desire for more in-vehicle content, while also improving fuel economy and reducing vehicle emissions.

“We are excited to offer solutions to meet the growing design and manufacturing needs of North American auto manufacturers," said Ganesh Panneer, vice-president and general manager of Automotive at Novelis. “As automakers pursue more complex designs and increase the amount of in-vehicle content, the strength and advanced formability of Advanz 6HF-e/s200 unlocks new engineering potential while offering critical weight reduction compared to steel. The expansion of this alloy into the North American market demonstrates our ability to draw on our automotive expertise and provide proven solutions across the globe.”