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Fundamentals of Extrusion Technology

Fundamentals of Extrusion Technology

Dr. Klaus Müller and 12 other authors

ISBN: 3-87852-016-6
277 pages, 14,7 x 20,8 cm, Paperback
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This volume is an introduction to extrusion techniques and considers various aspects relating to the design and construction of extrusion plants, heating installations and downstream equipment. Based on a comprehensive introduction to the extrusion process, material flow and the determination of stresses during extrusion, the authors survey the design calculations, layout and criteria for extrusion plants. Besides much else there is information about the classification of forming machinery and the life expectancy of press components. This is followed by a survey of extrusion billet furnaces. A further chapter deals with modern container materials and design from the standpoint of exact temperature control. The reader is informed about possibilities for the automation of extrusion plant. The authors provide information on materials for extrusion and indicate criteria for the selection of hot-working steels or special alloys for extrusion tools and dies.

The book is a valuable aid for those involved in the NF-metals sector. Readers in the aluminium branch will find much information, for example about dies for aluminium extrusion, CVD-coating technology for increasing die life, and the extrusion process itself – from the cast billet to the finally extruded section. The last-mentioned chapter contains information about the aluminium alloys used, their heat treatment, preheating, the extrusion process itself, quenching, ageing, metal flow and possible defects. Readers in the copper industry too will find a chapter dealing with possible defects in the direct extrusion of copper alloys. The authors also discuss the extrusion of metallic composite materials. All the important relationships are explained with the aid of numerous photos and diagrams. The wealth of information in this book makes it well worth recommending to designers, production engineers and those working in research and development.

Giesel Verlag, Isernhagen, Germany 1st Edition 2004.

Sabrina Matzat - Tel. +49 (0) 511/7304-125


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