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01. September 2016 | Industry, Uses

Business activity in the German aluminium sector has been mixed so far this year. Semis producers managed to increase their production in the first half of 2016 (+ 2.5%), but declines were reported by aluminium smelters (- 0.4%), founders (-4.6%) and converters (- 1.1%). There continues to be cautious optimism regarding growth expectations for 2016. “Domestic demand in Germany will develop more weakly than expected but will still tend to be positive overall,” says Hinrich Mählmann, president of Düsseldorf-based Gesamtverband der Aluminiumindustrie (GDA). “There are risks in particular in the export-intensive car industry because the UK is an important trading partner. We do not see any reason for concern at the moment regarding the more consumer-oriented markets in Germany, and the medium to long term prospects for the sector are also positive. The global consumption of aluminium will continue to grow steadily, also in Germany. In view of the large potential for innovation in the German market, the competitiveness of the aluminium industry will continue to grow." 2015 showed that despite growing competitive pressure and somewhat weaker demand, the German aluminium industry still managed to acquit itself well. In addition, the German aluminium industry is in good shape at the moment. “Germany is, and remains, the largest market and the most important production location for aluminium in Europe", adds Mählmann.



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