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30. Januar 2015 | Branche, Technologie, Anwendungen

The European Aluminium Association (EAA) and the Aluminum Association (AA) in the USA have released a comprehensive manual that details the range of joining technologies used for the assembly of aluminium parts in automotive applications. Developed in collaboration with the Aluminum Extruders Council (AEC), the manual is an essential reference for automotive designers and engineers as use of aluminium alloys in vehicle designs increases. Highlighting advancements in joining aluminium to itself and other materials, the all-new joining manual is an update to the EAA’s Aluminium Automotive Manual and can be downloaded from the EAA website www.alueurope.eu/aam and from the Aluminum Transportation Group’s (ATG) website: DriveAluminum.org.


“The full potential of reducing weight with aluminium remains untapped. The new technologies outlined in the joining manual are an important enabler toward the development of future lightweight vehicles around the world,” said Gerd Götz, director general of EAA. He went on: “Europe is the leader in aluminium body applications with market share in North America rapidly increasing. In a fruitful partnership with experts from the Aluminum Association we have developed the most comprehensive, global joining manual to date.”

Tom Boney, chairman of ATG and general manager of automotive for Novelis in North America, said: “As aluminium shakes up the materials status quo through greater use in new vehicle construction, the new joining manual is going to be an invaluable tool to engineers and designers of lightweight vehicles. As we enter into this new phase of multi-material vehicles, the need for advanced education on aluminium joining methods is critical.”



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